"Right Now" Project Photos

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*Project Darter Upper Drive

Project- Kaya CVG Fir Project

Receiving job
Surfacing materials
Finished sanding to size
Ready to rip to size
Ripping to size
Some of the off cut
Starting to look like something!
Parts that have been sanded to size and ready to be pocket drilled.
Beautiful custom ply for the interiors of the job
The sawyer is performing a rip-cut for the cabinet bottoms
Stack of pre-finished bottoms
Ready to cut finished-ends
Stack of A-1 CVG fir ready to cut
All parts are ready to receive dado and rabbit joint cuts. Except for special 10’ panel which arrive Friday
Parts waiting to be assembled
Clamping and gluing the frames
Almost assembled
All done and almost ready for Assembly Dept
Ready for Assembly Dept....
Grabbing pre-organized ripped and crosscut material to rabbit and dado.
Performing dado for top fixed shelf…
and for the center…
and for the bottom while making sure his piece is nice and snug on the fence.
All boxes have been carefully assembled after the pieces for the job have been laid out.
After boxes have been assembled they are ready for frames
Drilling a couple of cabinet finished ends for adjustable shelving.
Checking over the interiors before putting the frames on.
Base that is ready to receive solid wood face frame.
Floor to ceiling cabinet with face frame and almost complete.
Ready to attach toes to cabinets.
Cabinets are now assembled and ready to be finalized.
"Preparing doors for shaping"
* Shaping Stiles and Rails
Cutting panels and making final preparations for assembly.
Gluing and setting doors in assembly rack
Placing pin-nails in to hold door together while it drys.
Edge and finish sanding the doors.
Ready for Finals Dept.
installing pull-outs
Sanding cabinets before installing the doors
Doors installed the job is now ready for paint
Masking off cabinets. Getting them ready for finish.
A few final touches and ready to ship 6-18-10