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At Cutting Edge we are continuously adapting to the steadily changing world of cabinetry and construction. "The Edge" is a section for our customers to get a sneakpeak of what’s going on right now and what is to come.

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Green line

In an effort to bring a truly green product to the market place we have teamed with a local log scout and salvager, Jeff from TreeCycle Northwest.

The yield of lumber from these urban trees is unique, wonderful, inspiring and absolutely one-of-a-kind. Who knows the log or fallen tree that you see in your neighborhood could be a celebrated piece in you’re home one day. It does not get anymore local than that.

Below are some projects that we have already completed and a list of local lumber that is ready to be put to good use. We have various quantities of local lumber for projects big and small contact us for more questions.

TreeCycle Northwest promotional video from Galaxy Sailor on Vimeo

Akemi Kaede Project

(bright beauty-maple)

This avant-garde bedroom set is not only uniquely designed but also built locally using sustainable and durable lumber. The set includes a headboard and bed frame complete with full extension pull out drawers underneath for storage. Also included are two matching nightstands and a full sized dresser.

The wood used in this furniture design consists of two western big leaf maple timbers. Both pieces were salvaged here in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, they came from a wood burning pile in Corbett, Oregon, and from a lot clearing in Camas, Washington. These timbers like so many others were destined to the fire or the wood chipper, but we were able to take them and create something beautiful.

The veneers are quartered eastern Maple and have been revamped and uniquely suited for this one of a kind project. Every piece of wood provided by Treecycle Northwest was hand selected and machined for this Japanese theme collection. This project, which from the ground up has been over a half a century in the making, cannot be duplicated do to the one-of-a-kind characteristics belonging to those trees.

Owning this furniture puts you in the cycle of preventing the useless waste of one of our most beloved resources and celebrates the life and rebirth of these Pacific Northwest trees.

On sale! $4900

Purchase Contact: Travis Breidenbach at (503) 793-4441 or travis.cuttingedge@covad.net

Woods Available (click for larger image)
West-Linn Clear Alder 50bf
Live Edge Slabs of Qrtd Western Big Leaf maple
Portland Wild Cherry (67th & Prescott) 50bf
NE P-Town Fire Maple NE 300bf
Special Book matches

Close up images of bed and dresser stand
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For all images of the Pearl Media Console click here

PEARL Media Console

Need balance and Tranquility in your living space? Tired of your media cabinet taking up a whole wall? Need furniture that will not fall apart after the first move?

Here is the alternative to cheap, foreign products built to get into your home, but not stay in your home.

Taking advantage of our valuable off-cut we have carefully crafted this media cabinet to last! It is 23" in height for ease and comfortable viewing of your television. It is 60" long with Echo Wood grain matched doors and plenty of DVD and component storage.

Want to support your local economy and have a furniture dealer who you can contact easily for customer service? Choose us!

Price $595
Purchase Contact: Travis Breidenbach at (503) 793-4441 or travis.cuttingedge@covad.net

For more info on the grain matched doors go to Echo Wood

Burl Medallions



For more images of Burl Medallions click here  

Naked Coffee Table Project

The true nature of Western Big leaf maple has been exposed in this organic piece of furniture. Using all locally recovered lumber only. This solid wood coffee table stands before you as an undressed look at the natural beauty of our Portland metro area timber.

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*Future Projects Coming soon…